Our products are 100% made from Slovenian wood, processed with the best machines for woodwork and curated into details.

The wood we use is cut only in spring and fall due to it not having too much water at that time. The wood needs to be moisturised just right for it to not bend too much while being processed and then used. After we dry it during summer in open air. Our handles and tools are made mostly from ash tree, beech and lip. Each type is used for different tools.

According to Slovenian’s forest saving policy we take only the trees that are meant to be cut down in regards to Slovenian tinning regulations. More at:

We are an eco-friendly firm so we strive to use only Eco varnish and wax. This two options give durability and a natural look to our handles. We really try to bring you the most natural way of handling your tools.

Our goal is to prevent plastic of entering our gardens. Also we encourage fixing your used tools with new handles instead of throwing it away buying new ones. Every small step we make to help our environment is a step closer to save our planet. For instructions on how to change your handle see below.

We hand pick only the best tools and sell it forward to your stores, so that you will get the best material there is. 

Here is how you can change your handle on your own, using the tools you have at home and others that you might have got with our handle. It is a simple process that we will guide you through.

1. First you cut of the existing used shaft below the head. Using a drilling machine make 3 holes in the old handle still in the head. Take out the rest of the old shaft (you may help yourself with a hammer).

2. Press the head onto the new handle, firmly but carefully. If needed apply some pressure with a hammer. Cut the top part if it sticks out, but leave 4 mm of the new shaft sticking out.
3. Take the wooden wedge you got with your new handle. Apply some glue (that you got with your handle or your own glue for wood) on the wedge. Stick the wedge into the opening at the top. Cut the part sticking out if that happens.
4. Take the iron wedge that you got with your new handle. Nail it into the top, to fit it properly into the tool.
Congratulations! Now you have a whole new handle on your tool. We hope it will serve you well.