In the year 1975 our grandfather Julij started a small workshop for hand crafted wooden tools for local farmers and woodcutters. He became notorious for his well-crafted and curated handles which he made with love and devotion. Most of it was made with his bare hands and some basic tools he had at home. After 5 years, in 1980, he bought our first woodworking machines. It helped expanding his business across municipalities as he was able to fulfil bigger orders. He was selling his dry goods in the market of Ribnica, which is the most known place for dry goods in Slovenia. It was still important to keep the quality at its best. After 10 years his son Robert took the business in his hands. In 1995 he registered a firm on his name: “Lesna galanterija Robert Boben”. It was a time of modernisation and growth. First among many machines was a flow lathe. The business expanded all over the country and suddenly the whole family was involved. In just 10 years our product found their way to other countries like Great Britain, France, Germany and many others. Not long ago the third generation of Boben family started to get involved. Modernising it even more using also digital technology. We started with building a new brand name of Boben and a whole new digital outfit with a new website. But nevertheless, something will always remain the same. Our love for wood and quality handles. We keep improving our ways of working with wood, having in mind the history of this place, of the nature and the wellbeing of it all.


Our mission is to keep plastic away from entering the gardening and farming sector with best materials that will last decades giving you the best grip and performance. We use only eco-friendly varnish in order to protect the wood while also protecting the environment. We want to help you grow your own food using natural ingredients and tools.